Prognostication: Captain Olimar

My prognostications have had a couple of low points, not in the sense that I didn't want specific characters to scream out of nowhere and sully my record but just in the sense that I incorrectly ruled them out. Actually, I ruled Sonic out based on a false assumption. I had thought that as the Olympics wouldn't be held until 2008, the game for the Olympics would come out until 2008. I might have thought differently had I known the truth.

In any case, here to restore your faith in my predictive capabilities is Captain Olimar. It is mete and right that he of all the "Others" I mentioned here has been announced as a character in Brawl. I placed him as "Probable", and low and behold here he is.

His fighting style will be incredible to be hold I'm sure. It sounds like there's very little he can do without pulling Pikmin out of the ground. In a sense, he's bound to feel like Mr. Game and Watch did, rather wonky and strange, yet still intuitive (somehow).

In one month's time, Brawl will be released. That sounds incredible, and it is. I expect that over the next month, the nature of the information posted to the website will be increasingly deep and exciting. Remember, we're still waiting for official announcements for characters as obvious as Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Sheik and Luigi.

I'm looking forward to 1up'n you all.

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