Prognostication: Shock and Awe

Before I get into the meat of this, I'm going to touch on Lucas first.

Lucas is from Mother 3, putting him in the 'Maybe' category I prognosticated before. However, his description asks a question, "Is it possible he can surpass even Ness???". Ness fans are probably going to freak out, because it looks like he might have been given the boot.

For the moment, I do not believe we have enough information. Much like Ike and Marth, we need to see how similar their fighting styles are before we can make an informed opinion. If they're all too similar, I'll make a hard call then. For now, Marth and Ness are teetering on the edge of 'Maybe' themselves.

That said...


Sakurai decided, apparently, to take my elegant argument about why we wouldn't be seeing Sonic is Brawl and burn it at the stake. If you just figured it out, go to the webpage NOW. I'm not kidding.

I expect that the entire internet has been going "OMGWTFBBQ" for the past 3 hours without me.

Curbing my excitement for just a moment here, we have all of 7 weeks left before go time. The current roster of fighters is at 22, out of the 40 that Sakurai was aiming for. If they succeed in that goal, which is not necessarily going to happen, then there are a few possibilities.

1) The website will keep updating after release, including introducing some of these characters.
2) These characters will be kept secret.
3) We're going to be getting bombarded with awesome for the next 7 weeks with 2 or more characters being introduced a week. Possibly weighted towards release.

In any case, just when you thought hype was going to die down about the game they pull Mario's biggest Rival out of their sleeve. Amazing.

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