Double Dose of Randi

In case you were wondering, the long rant was inspired by reading an article about James Randi scoffing at claims of a seven thousand dollar audio cable being "danceable". Specifically, the claims made by a review of the cable were for all intents and purposes supernatural. While better audio quality is probable, neither Randi nor anyone else looking rationally at the situation find it likely that the cable has some special power to make you want to get up and dance that is lacking in the $80 (and also overpriced) equivalent.

In any case, for an example of Randi at work, observe the following video. Below the video I will post some reactions with time stamps matching the video.

1:21: "That seemed to be the right one."

I don't know about you, but her explanation of how she made the choice isn't particularly satisfying. It's barely an explanation.

I'll admit as a writer of sorts that very often we pick words that "seemed to be the right one", but then again writing is a subjective art. The profession of healing people would, I hope, entail slightly more precision. Doctors may as "what seems to be the problem", but they at least poke you painfully in places, or X-ray you based on what you said, rather than just pulling remedies out of a hat.

1:42: The Muscle Test

That test seems far from scientific already. Is she really just pushing down on the arm? I would have thought that strength is a somewhat quantifiable measure. The love machine at the local pizza parlor qualified me as "Flaming Hot" with my right hand, "Eligible Bachelor" with me left, and "Prince Charming Himself" when I cheated and used both.

1:58: Testing testing....

And lo and behold, her arm isn't limp! It's a miracle! Get the Pope on the line! I don't know why just get him on the line we need to talk to him! No I don't speak Latin, maybe she has a crystal for that too!

If I sound unimpressed, it's because I am. Maybe I'm not giving her enough benefit of the doubt, but I'd rather prefer to be the one pushing on the arm myself. That, or use a machine to measure it. She was "Snores in bed" before, but with that crystal she's obviously upgraded a "Whoa Mama!" level of romance.

2:35: Randi has it in the bag

This is why Randi rocks. My test is too obvious. His is too awesome, yet should be so obvious.

Actually, it's interesting. He's a magician, how much do you want to bet that the crystal isn't even in the bag anymore, even though it looks like he put it in there?

That might cause the woman to call foul on the test though, so maybe he'll be honest.

4:22 If chance alone...

I'm going to bet alarm bells started ringing in the woman's head when Randi said, "If chance alone were operating here..."

5:00 Rats!

He was honest, but oh the hilarity of using rat poison.


Obviously the crystal had to be naked, because that would explain why one out of five times the rat poison worked.

I hope you all enjoyed watching that debunking as much as I did.

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