For the living!

Hellgate: London was recently announced to be launched on October 13st. Here I had thought I'd never look forward to Halloween again.

For the uninformed, Hellgate: London is a game being made by a group of ex-Blizzard employees largely responsible for the Diablo series, including the legendary Bill Roper. It's a game that looks quite capable of being all things to all people.

It can be played in third or first person perspective, you can pay to play like an MMO or just play for free minus a few spurious benefits. You can be a technophile, a holy warrior, or a demonic spellcaster (all cliches perhaps, but well crafted). The game looks good.

This is going to be a good fall. Halo 3, Brawl and Hellgate. I may just have to quit WoW.

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