Greed before Need

Because my greedy and Scrooge-like sister went ahead and did it, I will feel no remorse in schilling for gifts as well.

And yes, I'm so miserly I'm stealing her formatting as well.

As a final note, these are also valid birthday presents.

The Well Dressed Nerd
1. Outrageously Funny - Choko Untld (Wark!)
2. Odd as All Else - Emergency Exit (It's funny, really. Okay, so maybe you need to have been in Japan...)
3. You Know it's True - Life (Twilight Princess rocks your socks)
4. Self-Defense - Shirt of Smiting (You never know when you need to mete out a good smiting)
5. Free Will - RPG (Choose wisely)

If Music is the Food of Love, Maybe this Will Get me a Date
1. A-Muse-zing - Absolution (Oh the pun hurts I know)
2. Nippon, ChaChaCha - Yoshida Brothers (Because their piece from the Wii commercial was so awesome, so get me all three)
3. Weird and All - Straight Outta Lynwood (Because I'm so White and Nerdy)
4. Shinigamiwa Atashiwo Korosu - Bleach (Because the anime kicks butt)

Since when was Pink a Natural Hair Color?
1. IM IN UR MEYTRIKZ, KRASHIN UR CODE - Stand Alone Complex (Because's it's as awesome as the movies)
2. From the, "I never saw THAT coming!" department - Berserk (And you thought Cloud had a big sword)
3. Be Afraid - Paranoia Agent (Same guy who did Perfect Blue = Want)

And so there you have it. I will break the pattern and not list 2 items and then 1 more item, because the 2 items would be things I'd want for myself, and only God can get me a significant other.

This lesson in greed has ended.

1 comment:

jocelyn said...

You are TOO funny.

I will honor your time-warp bet and heretofore have to buy you something from your Magnificent List. However, it may very well be for your Birthday instead of Christmas, given that it's T-minus 5 days to Christmas and the post offices are clogged worse than a 40-year-old's who as raised on fast food.

And w00t for nerdy shirts!