Lost and Found

Some of you may be aware that sometime between Thursday and Friday my keys fell into the cracks between moments and have not shown themselves since. Some of the people falling into the previous group may be aware I was searching for my keys. A few of you may have known that I tore the room apart multiple times and with a level of methodical masochism that is only matched by the time I spent five hours killing the exact same enemies in Ninja Gaiden over and over again for money. Two of you know that just now Patrick pulled them out of thin air.

Apparently they were in the chair that I had looked in, on, below, behind, and upside down twice.

Not only did Patrick pull them out of thin out while sitting on said chair, but he did so while paying absolutely no attention to what he was doing because he was watching a TV show.

So, I am happy I have my keys back, and laughing at the terrible, terrible irony.

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