Despite the fact that I never bother to advertise the videos I post on youtube, I nevertheless bristle and snarl when someone with inferior videos and grammar freely flings their misshapen works to the public and receives more attention. I am not shocked that they receive the attention given the obvious correlation, but I am riled.

Whenever this happens I briefly consider calling to light my own work in a public manner, followed quickly by perishing such thoughts. To take such a course of action would be to lower myself to the same level as these attention seekers, trying and saying anything to attract the brainless masses.

Yet in spite of this resolution I am again incensed the next time I encounter this. I am not sure I can consider myself rational.


Anonymous said...

On the other hand, by not even mentioning you have videos posted, you get people like me who are completely unaware such videos even exist (kinda hard to be motivated to seek out something you don't even consider may exist).

Phoenix said...

I don't like the mass demeaning of the sum of people.

While I agree people may be manipulated I don't agree most people are stupid, idiotic, or brainless.

My interactions with people in general show their level of intelligence and I've never been swamped with a swarm of brainless individuals.

I've come to find most people with these particular opinions lack the proper social skills to get to know real people in the real world.

Regardless if that is or isn't your case, you need to reevaluate your opinion.

Walking into an average person will not lead you to someone idiotic or brainless and you will most likely very much enjoy the conversation.

Matoushin said...

You're reading too much into a side comment housed in a tongue in cheek post detailing my inability to rationally resolve a silly situation.