On Paper

Nintendo: We're releasing our new 3DS this year!
Me: Ho hum.
Nintendo: It's got 3D! Real 3D!
Me: Yeah yeah, and I have a back-catalog of games to beat on my current DS. Call me when the 3DS actually merits me spending money.
Nintendo: Paper Mario.
Me: ... what?
Nintendo: You heard me.
Me: I don't care about some remake.
Nintendo: This is no remake, it's a sequel.
Me: Super Paper Mario sucked, why should I care about a sequel?
Nintendo: Oh we know it sucked, so we went back to basics. This is just like the first two games.
Me: You didn't.
Nintendo: Oh we did.
Me: ...
Nintendo: :)
Me: ...
Nintendo: :D
Me: ...
Nintendo: XD
Me: You know what you've done.
Nintendo: Yup, we know.
Me: Someday, someday when you're lounging on the heaps of cash that you siphon out of my lifeblood you'll feel a twinge of guilt.
Nintendo: You're welcome.

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