Best Purchase Ever

Sunday: The temperature is 80 degrees and I'm at REI. Some random neuron firing made me think it would be a good idea to see if they had any fingerless gloves. I left with a very economical pair feeling successful.

Monday: The temperature is 20 degrees (and dropping). My car is coated in ice as I leave work, I don't have an ice scraper so I have to defrost my windows by heating up the car. I make it home half an hour later and sit down at my computer. My hands are cold.

Best purchase ever. I love these gloves. I need an ice scraper.

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kalliope said...

The best thing i've got was a pair of USB powered heating gloves. yay ;)

thanks for your comment by the way, i was really surprised... considering the circumstances etc.
Anyway, you're not quite right - only the blogging lasted until april, but i'm quite a busy girl:
- i was writing review articles for a video games magazine until...
- I started working for Square Enix, as a QA/Project Coordinator
- I am still making music, still with crazy chords
- i still play games
- I learn some languages (atm brushing up my russian again, learning french, improving my japanese)
- and besides that there are some DVDs to watch - very difficult to squeeze in a blog ;)