All I Want for Christmas

I have my two front teeth, but I don't have:

1) An Electric Razor. Mom's complaining I don't shave enough, my poor, bloody face is trembling at the thought of more than once weekly massacres.

2) Sony Vegas. It's $200, so I'll accept minor donations in lieu of the full package.

3) A Guitar. Low Priority, High Price. Not advisable, but I thought I'd throw that out there.

4) A Gamer Chick. Resumes accepted but direct interviews preferred.

5) An Obama Presidency plzkthx.

6) A Monkey Music Mix. This is a specialty job that only one couple I know can perform.

7) Music CDs. Classical, Techno, and anything you think is awesome is welcome.

8) Nerdy T-Shirts always accepted. Nice shirts and ties also a good idea.

9) Prayers that I actually get Christmas week off.

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