After 19 months of mostly non-existent work, I have finally been assigned to a "real" job and have had to start earning my keep. Today has been my first truly full day as all my cubicly goodness was shipped over to the new area. I've been given tasks and set loose upon them.

And I'm loving it.

It is utterly refreshing to have mentally challenging tasks to work on. I've grown so accustomed to mindless website updates and tweaks that my new work is like a spring fragrance. I'm excited and happy to be here.

My coworkers consist of a number of excellent folk, some of who I already know. I might still be jittery were this an entirely alien place, but as it stands I'm fitting in and getting things done.

Here's to the 9-5.

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jocelyn said...

I'm so HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!111111OMG