Zombies, Friendships, and Warcraft

I'm simply amazed at the artistry some people are capable of when using video games as their palette. Yes, similar things have been done with Anime before. Yes, Anime Music Videos can also be awesome. No, that doesn't dilute my point.

I think what draws me to these videos, beyond the familiarity I have with the game engine they're using to create them, is both how much and how little control they have. The in game models can only have so many faces, hair styles, forms of dress, emotes and other such visual elements, and yet people are able to take them and make artful videos ranging from amusing to insightful and all artistic adjectives in between.

While much of the merit can be based on the choice of music, (e.g Jonathan Coulton's Re: Your Brains) some are simply artful in and of themselves.

Particularly, the following:

I'll admit that for someone who doesn't play World of Warcraft, a number of the elements in that video may be confusing. Still, I felt I had to share.

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