WoW: Raid Progress

Last night was an interesting, and fun, experience.

We delved into the wizard's tower and experienced our first "raid" as a guild. Several interesting things happened.

  • We were slaughtered by spectral steeds (they came from.... behind).

  • I died in the defense of the weak (twice).

  • I lived in the defense of the weak (more than twice).

  • The first boss was defeated at our hands, and there was much rejoicing (yay).

  • We were slaughtered by the ghosts of angry barmaids, masters of drunken martial arts (more times than we want to remember).

  • We were slaughtered by the wizard's butler (apparently he doesn't like unannounced guests).

  • After many hours of trial and error, we left the wizard's tower, swearing we would return and conquer it on the morrow.

Despite only a few of us having any experience with groups of this size, we did extremely well. Working with nine other people to defeat the dangers of the tower was a blast, especially when the unique traits I brought to the group were required. Though we largely failed to accomplish a whole lot, most groups are able to clear the whole tower in half the time we spent in there, it was a blast and an experience I'd love to repeat.

The only problem is that there are a limited number of players allowed inside, and we have more than that number eager to participate. Some people had to be left out, and I hate leaving people out. When the time comes I'll gladly serve my time outside of the wizard's tower, knowing that I'm letting someone else have the fun I had.

I'll continue updating as I participate in the guild's progression.

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