Warp Field Stablized

At the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational in South Korea, StarCraft II was announced.

I'm sure there'll be an official English page later today, complete with screenshots, but until then make do with what I've linked.

It's been a while since I've played any RTS games. I'd looked forward to Supreme Commander, but was rather disappointed with the result. It had been marketed as a "macromanagement" game, one where the insane amounts of micromanagement done in StarCraft and WarCraft would be unnecessary. Playing the Beta, I saw a few interesting tools that reduced some forms of micromanagement, but not the most common ones. Coordinating attacks isn't hard, it's having to individually order several hundred units that's bothersome.

StarCraft II currently doesn't claim to be the end of micromanagement. Without that expectation, I'm assuming I'll probably like it a lot more than Supreme Commander.

It's inevitable I'll blog more about this later. Until then.

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