Hai, nihonjin desu. Usojanai!

This afternoon I'm going to be posing as a japanese person in order to download a demo of a game onto my Xbox 360.

It makes some sense to me that there might be reasons for restricting game demos to certain regions (e.g Super Japanese Game, Never Coming to America TM) but in the case of one which is being released in all of 4 days... I'm not so sure.

In any case, there's a demo of Armored Core 4 that's been availible to the japanese for a week now. I'm going to get my hands on it before I leave for Baltimore this Wednesday. In order to do this, I must accomplish the following.

1) Create a silver Xbox Live account using a japanese hotmail address.
2) ???
3) Profit.

The not-so-obscure reference aside, the workaround is pretty simple. Take step one, add downloading the demo. The only difficult part is filling in information that is passably japanese without giving out some random japanese person's phone number. I wonder what my old cell phone number was...

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